No limits for solutions

About the Company

"We believe in what we do. And we want to support you in what you need". You will not find rigid and inflexible processes with us - we offer individual solutions to enable smooth and uncomplicated cooperation. Our offer adapts to your company or project requirements as well as to your goals. If you are looking for creative and individual possibilities to implement your project, you have come to the right place - we will surprise you with a unique solution.

C2M is a customer to manufacturer "full service provider" that combines the needs of our customers with the production capabilities of our global partners. This is where our specialized know-how in the field of thermals and acoustics comes into play. Thanks to our expertise and material competence in the areas of glass and silicate fibers, we achieve high standards for the entire supply chain. Our expertise in toolmaking as well as in application and automation technology support industrialization and ensure a smooth project start-up. Join us on existing roads to new destinations!

The Team

Profilbild Matthias Kroll

Matthias Kroll

CEO and Founder

For over 34 years Matthias Kroll lead the marketing, sales and development departments for ISOLITE, including 12 years as an executive manager for the company. He trippled the revenue with mulitple patents for the high-temperature-insulation market and his large client network to about 100 million EUR. "Innovation and making things that seem impossilbe possilbe is my motivation and vision."

Profilbild Christian Eck

Christian Eck

CFO and Founder

Christian Eck was working in the finance and production departemnts of ISOLITE for over 25 years. In the last 12 years as executive manager he exapnded the company to worldwide success with new locations in South Korea, USA, Mexica, South Africa, Bosnia and the Netherlands. He was able to increase the foreign sales in a short amount of time to over 25 million EUR. "To effective use my experiences and advance companies is my inspiration and passion."